Lexington Arboretum

A gorgeous but HOT day at the Arboretum. Despite that, and the fact that I haven’t taken photos for a long time and my feet started hurting, I got a few decent shots. Clicking in the center of the photo … Continue reading

National Anthem

Went to the FC Cincinnati Soccer game the other night…and as usual at most games, they played the National anthem (of both teams this time–we played Toronto). I am a little awkward with my phone but since I had never … Continue reading

Evan’s Graduation 2016

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you,  plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11 Congrats to our nephew Evan Michael on his High … Continue reading

The Easy Way To Make Perfect Sweet Tea

So I’m gonna say it: I Love Southern Sweet Tea. And Summer means SWEET TEA! Now that I’ve lost all credibility with my British friends, I’m just gonna own it. Living in the South, it was pretty easy to find … Continue reading


Potholes. There is nothing good about them. After all the freezing and thawing in winter, this time of the year, they’re awful. I just had this thought…do you know someone who is always going 90 miles an hour….if they keep … Continue reading

In My Hubble Opinion

Happy 25th Bday, Hubble! So I was listening to a Morning Edition (NPR) segment this morning….as I often do in my job at the local public radio station. Geoff Brumfiel was interviewing Jason Kalirai, a scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute, where … Continue reading

Easy Dinners for Busy Weeknights–Part 1 Setting Up Your Kitchen

Easy Dinners for Busy Weeknights–Part 1 Setting Up Your Kitchen I am a disorganized, procrastinating, busy mom–not a chef, or even someone who likes to cook. In fact, I don’t enjoy it at all.  I have always dreaded the thinking, … Continue reading


Happy Easter–He is RISEN! This Easter, our pastor was preaching on the text in John 16. He was, of course, speaking about resurrection and life after death. I had never heard this parable, but loved this illustration and decided to … Continue reading

Faith-Filled Easter Crafts for School-Aged Children and Teens

When my kids were younger, it was pretty easy to come up with cute Easter crafts to do with them. As they got older, their interest in coloring and cutting waned. However, there was still much for them to learn … Continue reading

Charity Spotlight–AngelFlight

There are so many great charities out there to help people. Thought I’d spotlight one that helped my family over a decade ago and is still going strong. My father, Shawn, suffered for several years from a very rare bone … Continue reading